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Inspired by myths and legends, my admiration and obsession for the fantasy world has summoned my lust to create. I am a conceptual photographer and my need for art is no less than my need for air.

My inspiration for the alternate universe derives from film, literature, legends and animation. I feel an emotional connection to the work of Brooke Shaden and a visual bond to that of Kirsty Mitchell. In awe of the detail and intense dedication for each of their images, these womens attitudes inspire me and push me further.

In my own work, I aim to replicate their attitudes – a love for the adventure without the ugly ego.
Harlequin It was a shoot with Jen Brook that started my journey and a trip to London to hear Kirsty speak (proving in under an hour that thinking big is achievable). Brooke’s book, ‘Inspiration in Photography’ stoked my already burning fire and I regularly refer to it for a motivational kick up the butt.   Jens dedication to her art and writing crystallises my own thoughts. I admire her almost childlike enjoyment of the world and her passion to create. She is real, sharing every success along with the struggles. Proving the journey is never smooth for any of us.

Much like my photography heroes, I create from scratch building up each picture piece by piece with strenuous foreplanning. When I envisage an image, I sketch out my plan then custom design and hand make each product in the styling myself. It is often hard to locate the strange and peculiar things I require for my shoots so making my own costumes and props provides much more freedom, injecting a sense of individuality that I hope shines through in my work. I am intensely motivated by the desire to produce art projecting a meaning. I am a storyteller and I aim to present feeling and emotion in all that I do. Love it or hate it, if the viewer feels something toward my work then it has served its purpose. I adore the rich and vibrant colours in nature that can also bring a darker side to the world. The contrast is everything I strive for and I am constantly evolving my craft to depict this, proving that the journey is as important as the result.

I consider myself to very much be a people person and I love to bring characters to my imagery. Working alone or in small teams, I love everything about shooting – from concept to completion. If you’d like to be involved in one of my series, please contact me with your name and location as well as your vital statistics if you’d like to model for me. I openly welcome assistants to most of my shoots and would very much like to hear from like minded people who enjoy making art. Who knows, perhaps I can assist you! I am currently working on a fairytale collection and inviting all make up artists as well as models to join in the fun.  I am also providing a prop making service for those who do not have the time to create their own.  Click on the Commissions tab and drop me a line with any ideas you may have.

My name is Nedine and I am a photographic artist.

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