The Morrigan

THE MORRIGAN She is primarily associated with fate, especially with foretelling death in battle.  She is sometimes referred to as a trio, known as the three Morrigana.  They are most commonly known as Babd (Battle […]

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SWPP Qualification Panel

In the Shadows of Innocence Qualification Panel   It’s officially over for another year.  And WHAT a year it’s been.  The Twenty Sixteen Convention far exceeded any expectations I could have had.  Towards the end […]

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Assassin’s Creed Connor Kenway Project

So it’s official, the new project is underway! This was probably one of the most challenging projects I’ve done to date. The character is Connor Kenway (Ratonhnhaké:ton) from Assassin’s Creed 3. I’ve reposted some of […]

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CRIVENS!! The End is Nigh!!

                  And so as I start on the final phase of my project, getting all the images ready for print and then in for judging to see […]

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Just a Nibble

Did a shoot this past week that is a little different from the norm and with a bit of a bite 🙂  Many of my shoots are done TFP (time for prints) or are shoot […]

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Props, Costumes and Props :D

Greetings all,   I should really be getting the housework and washing done right now but, meh!  So I’m here procrastinating instead. 🙂  I have over the past two months been acquiring new skills.  In […]

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Journey to Maleficence

August 2013 was the first time I got a whiff that there was such a thing as a film that was going to be based on Maleficent. . .  Then I saw the trailer, and, […]

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Bubble Wrap Mermaid

I’ve just gone and done it!  I’ve added another image to my Panel and I’m pretty happy with the results!  The tail is made out of bubble wrap and with a little magic in photoshop […]

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Why Monday is the Best Day of the Week! No, seriously!

  New Beginnings.  That is what Monday is.  It’s a chance to start something new, or a second chance to have a go at completing something.  I could quote all kinds of cliche’s at you […]

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The Selfie

Greetings all, Well April has been an interesting month.  A trip to the USA for my brother’s wedding and lots of chocolates over the easter weekend.  As it’s coming up to the end of the […]

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