Greetings and welcome!

I have been asked on occasion if I would be interested in selling my images as well as the costumes and props I make for them.  So after much thought I have decided that I will take on commissions.

Conceptual Photography

If you would like to bring an idea to life I am able to offer the ability to not only take the images but create all the costumes and props you may need.  Each commission will be priced individually according to the materials and time it will take to create the entire art piece.


Costumes & Props

I am able to supply one off commissions as well as regular pieces.  Each item is made to order and to your exact requirements.  I don’t rent items out as I do not have the space to store them.  Examples of what I have created can be seen not only in the images on the gallery here but also on the dedicated Facebook page.


10841991_860104524021517_4550156127757827113_o.jpg1496549_10152504045225735_8074954292977648397_o.jpg10430441_10152534897335735_1441925840827220043_n.jpg1512074_10152495470470735_46126623659588133_o.jpg10014981_714028858629085_1936781841_o.jpg1461246_654297841268854_95763294_n.jpg1452494_654297761268862_1863023064_n.jpg11102882_815331758536198_5536442794391664840_n.jpg11128760_815331701869537_707759302432348088_n.jpg11060458_815331741869533_2367342241714602584_n.jpg10372873_790227574342546_1615808150399640091_o-c43.jpgCello 9.jpg10348717_813639095334727_6675320357934530891_o.jpg

If you would like to discuss you ideas, please do not hesitate to contact me on the form below.  My thanks for your interest and wishing you a wonderful day